Thanks to Dr. Georg Mittelbach for the lovely pictures.

On Wednesday 16th May I went for a trainings trip to Cornwall, together with seven German dogs and handlers. After a long journey I arrived in Cornwall at The Lower Trengale Farm Cottages, where we all met. We had a nice dinner together and the next day the first of our trainingsdays began. The trainers were Keith Sandercock and Roy Tomlinson. We were divided in two groups of four dogs and handlers. The grounds were absolutely stunning. The fields were so big, there was hardly any marking point in the hind.


In the afternoon we had a nice lunch together, where Keith proved how easy it was to make Stonehenge from chips and lasagna!

In the afternoon we had a nice "Drive"on a difficult peace of ground with Roy. After a tiring day we deserved a grill and Rita and Roy seemed to be the experts in preparing the meat!

The next day we went to another Estate to do the training. Another terrain with a small stream, difficult entries of water and hills. Again we were divided in two groups. In the morning we trained with Roy, long lines, blinds in high grass and uphill. In the afternoon we trained with Keith, a walk-up with a launcher and memories.

We had lunch in the field and a good chat about the training and what we had learned.

Day 3 we had a Fun WT. Our team against 8 handlers from Cornwall. Both teams had four Novice dogs and four Open dogs. I ran in the Novice class and that was difficult enough. Long marks in high grass, not always easy. Ulrike from Germany was Top dog with a T in the open class. She nearly gained on every test full score! At the end the Cornish team had beaten us with a difference of only 4 points overall! But we had a lovely day altogether.


Afterwards it was time for our last dinner at the pub!