PEDIGREE OF :     Lou Lou of the Spring Cottage                                                                     BORN:  27 March 2018
 HIPS: (FCI-score).                               EYES CLEAR 
Fly of the Spring Cottage HD A, Eyes Clear 2017


Squareclose Chic FTCH/IR FTCH Hattonswood Broc IR FTCH Millshadow Aster
IR FTCH Merlinsbrook Evita
Edwardiana Gigi of Sliabh FTCH Clarburgh Art
FTCH Edwardiana Topsy
Vlecky of the Spring Cottage Chasse of the Spring Cottage Boy of the Spring Cottage
Holly of Cymru
Badgercourt Coral FTCH Lagenmill Maestro
Thornycourt Fireblaze of Badgercourt
Rydanlue Scintillate, HD A, Eyes Clear 2017


FTCH Helmsway Heath FTCH Clangregor Albammach of Biteabout FTCH/ IR FTCH Hattonswood Broc
FTCH Glangregor Cronan
FTCH/IR FTCH Helmsway Honey FTCH Steadroc Sker
FTCH Craighaar Charisma
Liechryd Tilly FTCH Edwardiana Rob FTCH Knockmany Jumbo
FTCH Edwardiana Bella of Ringsper
FTCH Lunar Star of Beggarbush FTCH Clarburgh Art
Tiradamuchaf Helen


   Boy of the Spring Cottage                                                   Chasse of the Spring Cottage                         Vlecky of the Spring Cottage                                                    Squareclose Chic "Scotty"                                      Badgercourt Coral "Dot"