PEDIGREE OF :       Mellow of the Spring Cottage                                                  BORN:  9 April 2019
Hips: HD A                              Elbows: FREE                          Eyes:  Clear (08/2020)                  prcd PRA: Clear/Normaal              EIC: Free/Normaal              CNM: Free/Normaal             HNPK: Free/Normaal            SD2: Carrier/Drager 
Kayleigh of the Spring Cottage

HD A, Elbows Free, Eyes Clear 08/17 + 08/19, prcd-PRA/EIC/CNM Clear, SD2 Carrier

DK FTCH Ellijas Dudley FTCH Kenmillto Remus FTCH Auchendolly Beaver
Mandacre Waxwing
Hillus Widgeon FTCH Craighorn Oak
FTCH Broadlaw Eva
Dash of the Spring Cottage DK FTCH Jobeshill Olof FINJCH, SJCH, NORD JCH Tasco Brimstone
Collaroybanks Willow
Squareclose Demmi FTCH  Emmawood Drake
Fernshot Kay
FTW Bellspaddle Roscoe

HD 4/4, Elbows 0/0, Eyes Clear 03/18 + 03/20, prcd-PRA/EIC/CNM/SD2 Normal/Clear

FTCH Ferbury Lancelot of Smithsteads Brockweir Blitz of Smithsteads FTCH Wingsham Tinder of Smithsteads
FTCH Brockweir Rosemary
Ferbury Jasmine Dealminster Dancer
Hoffbank Ferdy
FTCH Bellspaddle Intrepid FTCH Eastdale Harry FTCH Greenbriar Viper of Drakeshead
Daughting Dulcie of Eastdale
Bellspaddle Explorer FTCH Mediterian Blue
Solgate Lottie of Bellspaddle