PEDIGREE OF :        Kira v. 't Reigerskantje     "Pepper"                                       BORN:  3 April 2020                                     BREED:  English Cocker Spaniel
 HIPS: (FCI-score).  HD A                             EYES:                                      prcd/PRA: Clear (N/N)                        AMS: Clear (N/N)                  FN: Clear (N/N)              
Starcreek Quick Big Mac, HD A

Kenquartz Ginger Beer Fieldvale Phenomenon of Breabeate Saxaphone Jonny Wilkinson at Fieldvale
Waupley Winter Brown at Fieldvale
King Rapper FTCH Orgest Yfwr
Wemmergill Cottongrass
Lannaker's Moonlight FTCH Timsgarry Barlow FTCH Argyll Warrior
FTCH Timsgarry Kelly
FTAW Wernmffrwd Hapus FTCH Mallowdale Zander
FTAW Wernmffrwd Rosina

Sherbert Pip, HD A


Golden Spark of Fire Rio the Golden God Mark the Spark
Hausty Valley
Coldwinter Women Mark the Spark
Millsey Wagtail
Cwmpengraig Black Combe Cwmpengraig Burn Tod FTCH Sandford Black Mamba
Flitchwood Binsey at Cwmpengraig
Cwmpengraig Milton Hill FTCH Timsgarry Barlow
Flitchwood Athene of Cwmpengraig