PEDIGREE OF :  Pups Skipper x Dash                                                                        BORN: 

FTW Mulholland Skipper of Upperclaws

HD A, Ellebogen: vrij, Vrij van erfelijke oogafwijkingen (2013), Myopathie: normaal, Prcd-pra: carrier


FTW Hamford Wilfred FTW Hamford Chief FTCH Simon of Birdbrook
FTW Siouxie of Hamford
Hamford Nancy FTW Downfarm Kym of Badgerland
FTW Hamford Jay
Saar of Upperclaws Pim Raughlin Clancey
Sentimental Sally of Onetarm
Whinny of Upperclaws FTCH Tibea Tosh
Judy of Upperclaws
Dash of the Spring Cottage

HD A, Ellebogen: vrij, Prcd-pra: normaal, Vrij van erfelijke oogafwijkingen (2013), Myopathie: normaal, EIC: normaal 

DK FTCH Jobeshill Olof

HD A, Elbows 0/0, eyes clear (09-2011), Optigen normal/clear and CNM hereditary clear

FINJCH, SJCH, NORD JCH Tasco Brimstone FTCH Lettermore Trout
FTCH Stormwatch Spider of Tasco
Collaroybanks Willow FTCH Craighorn Bracken
Whissendine Barley
Squareclose Demmi

HD A, Elbows 0/0, eyes clear, Optigen prcd-PRA normal/clear, CNM clear, RD/OSD clear, EIC clear

FTCH  Emmawood Drake

FTCH Hatchfield Feargal
FTW Greenbriar Vogue
Fernshot Kay

FTCH Browtine Buck of Westhala
FTCH Millbuies Milly