Turn out shooting

Foxdigging with Foxwarren Sport II.

Foxwarren Tommy 

We are Hajo and Elly and we live in a beautiful part of the Netherlands, called Drenthe.  Here we have started to breed English Springers since 1995. 

Before that Elly bred Jack Russell terriers. We mainly had our terriers from Eddie Chapman of "Foxwarren kennels". We often went to England to hunt with him and his terriers. At one of our terrier days we met Lisa Jenkins of kennel "Badgerbeck" and added a couple of Border Terriers out of working lines to our kennel where we bred, showed and ran agility with. The terriers are now our pet dogs. Sadly our last Jack Russell "Foxwarren Tommy" died at the age of 16.5 years and we still have one "Badgerbeck" Border terrier who rules the house.  


We have always love to work our dogs. Our purpose is to breed working English Springers which can be used in the field. To be able to do this, a working springer should have "drive","style" and "will to please". And we think a working springer should retrieve naturally. With our dogs we run Working Tests and Field Trials, but we mainly shoot over our dogs and do a lot of beating. Before we breed with our dogs, they are examined for hip-dysplasia and  hereditary eye diseases.

Many years ago we bought a Fieldtrial Labrador from a Welsh friend. Elly started to train her and had many successes with working tests, cold game tests and multiple retrieve tests. We used her a lot for picking-up game which was flushed by the Springers. Because we liked the training of the fieldtrial labrador so much, we started to train more labradors and now we can't think of a life or a shoot without them. At many shoots we go beating with the springers and picking up with the labradors. We like to train our dogs the English way and we also compete in the UK when we have the chance. Where we live we have a very good possibility to train our dogs, we have some very rough spaces with thick cover for the spaniels and big fields where we can train our labradors.      


  e-mail: ofthespringcottage@gmail.com