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Mellow of the Spring Cottage

HD A, Elbows: Free, Eyes: Clear, Prcd-PRA: Clear, Myopathy: Normal/Free, EIC: Normal/Free, HNPK: Normal/Free, SD2: carrier

Date of birth: 09-04-2019

FTW Bellspaddle Roscoe x Kayleigh of the Spring Cottage 


Mellow of the Spring Cottage

"Mellow"of the Spring Cottage is named after his grandfather FTCH Ferbury Lancelot of Smithsteads. His father Bellspaddle Roscoe is owned by Sharon Dingle who also owns the mother of Roscoe. Both his parents are FTCH and ran at the IGL Championships on one or more occasions. Bellspaddle Roscoe is a handsome dog and already at a young age he won a Novice Fieldtrial and several Open Working Tests. 

Mellow's mother is our homebred bitch Kayleigh of the Spring Cottage. She is our picking up bitch for whom no water is too broad and no goose is too heavy. 

Mellow is a lovely and sweet dog. He has a lot of power in his body and when he hunts an area he doesn't give up easily. He passed his health tests and we are really looking forward to the future with him. 


Saxaphone John Smiths 

"Archie" (Import England)

HD A, Elbows: Free, Eyes: Clear, Prcd-PRA: Optigen tested Clear, Myopathy: Normal/Free, EIC: Normal/Free, SD2: Normal/Free,  HNPK: Normal/Free, DNA profiled

Date of birth: 01-03-2009

FTCH Garronpoint Rye of Lincswolds x FTW Clovers Girl of Saxaphone



Archie is bred by Peter Burton from Saxaphone Kennels. His father is a well-known fieldtrial dog who entered the IGL Championships in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and who competed several times for England at big events such as the Game Fair, where he was Topdog in 2010. Archie's mother is FTW and is used a lot for picking up at the moment. Archie's litter brother is FTCH Saxaphone Brown Ale at Lincswolds. He won many prestigious Working Tests and qualified several times for the IGL Championships. In November 2013 he gained a 4th place at the Ch'ships in Lauder and in 2014 he won the IGL Championships in Windsor.

We are very pleased we own Archie and we started to compete at WT's with him in 2011, where he did well. In 2012 he gained his first Fieldtrial qualifications and was one of the youngest dogs running FT's in the Open Class. In 2013 he ran succesfully at several Open Working Tests and Mocktrials in different countries. In August 2013 he won a Fieldtrial on pigeons and two days later he won the Open Working Test of the Usk Valley Working Gundog Club. He was selected for the winning Dutch team at Chatsworth in 2014.  In 2015 he gained two RES. CAC's at fieldtrials, he won the Open Mocktrial of the Dutch Retriever Club and he gained a Com at the Open WT run on FT lines of the Suffolk Gundog Club. He is a very fast and stylish dog and a good gamefinder and is very easy to train. He picks up regularly and is a pleasure to take with you in the field. He is also a very sweet and biddable dog. 

At show he gained a Very Good qualification in the Working Class. 

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FTCH Garronpoint Rye at Lincswolds at the Game Fair (photo: M. Hogenbirk) and FTW Clovers Girl of Saxaphone (photo: N. Ridley)

Training with "Archie"



                                                                                                    ARCHIE  and  DEMMI AND ARCHIE by David Dalton


Hummer of the Spring Cottage 

 HD A, Elbows: Free, Eyes: Clear 2016, Prcd-PRA: Optigen tested Clear, Myopathy: Normal/Free, EIC: Normal/Free, SD2: Normal/Free,  HNPK: Normal/Free, DNA profiled

Date of birth: 13 November 2013

FTW Mulholland Skipper of Upperclaws x Dash of the Spring Cottage



Hummer of the Spring Cottage

Hummer is our choice of the seven dog pups we had in the litter. He is very affectionate and focussed on you, he is an excellent game finder and he is a very strong and powerful dog. These are qualities we like a lot. Already in 2015 he won a Novice WT and got several placements. He also gained several fieldtrial qualifications in his first year we were competing. He now runs open WT's and fieldtrials and we hope to do so for many more years! At a show he gained a qualification "Very Good".  


His father is FTW Mulholland Skipper of Upperclaws owned by Mike Mulch. I know him from the several training days with Mike the last couple of years. He is a very good and reliable dog. With picking up he could find birds which were already long considered as lost. When Skipper mated Dash he was more than 10 years old so it was probably one of the last chances to get something by him. I will only mention a couple of his awards. He has several KNJV A-certificates. He has won three Open Fieldtrials and gained several awards, is winner of Open Working Tests and Mike and Skipper were three times in the Winning Dutch IWT team (2006, 2008 and 2009). Besides that he was Topdog at Highclere in England.  

His mother is our Dash of the Spring Cottage. She is a nicely bred bitch. Dash is like her name, she is full of power and she works with passion and speed. The word "Power" stands for her. She is a very good gamefinder, never gives up and she takes cover like a spaniel. Still she has a good eye for you and doesn't loose you out of sight. Her heelwork is very natural and she is a very sweet bitch. She has gained a few B-certificates on cold game. 

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