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FTW Saxaphone John Smiths

HD A, Elbows: Free, Eyes: Clear (August 20140, Prcd-PRA: Optigen tested Clear, Myopathy: Normal/Free, EIC: Normal/Free, SD2: Normal,  HNPK:  Free

Dash of the Spring Cottage

HD A, Elbows 0/0, Eyes: Clear (nov 2014), Prcd-pra: Optigen tested Clear, Myopathy: Normal/Free,  SD2: Carrier,  EIC: Normal/Free

Archie is bred by Peter Burton from Saxaphone Kennels. His father is a well-known fieldtrial dog who entered the IGL Championships in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and who competed several times for England at big events such as the Game Fair, where he was Topdog in 2010. Archie's mother is FTW and is used a lot for picking up at the moment. Archie's litter brother is FTCH Saxaphone Brown Ale at Lincswolds. He won many prestigious Working Tests and qualified several times for the IGL Championships. In November 2013 he gained a 4th place at the Ch'ships in Lauder and in 2014 he won the IGL Championships in Windsor.

With Archie we run Open Fieldtrials and he achieved many qualifications. During the summertime he ran successfully at several Open Working Tests and Mocktrials in different countries. In August 2013 he won a Fieldtrial on pigeons and two days later he won the Open Working Test of the Usk Valley Working Gundog Club. He was selected for the winning Dutch team at Chatsworth in 2014.  He is a very fast and stylish dog and a good gamefinder and is very easy to train. He is also a very sweet and biddable dog. Of course he joins us at shooting days where he is Elly's right hand! 

Dash is like her name, she is full of power and she works with passion and speed. The word "Power" stands for her. She is a very good gamefinder, never gives up and she takes cover like a spaniel. Still she has a good eye for you and doesn't loose you out of sight. Her heelwork is very natural and she is a very sweet and affectionate bitch around you. She has been picking up two seasons and she has two B-certificates on cold game and two Multiple Retrieve Certificates. She mainly joins Hajo at his shooting days! 


On March 27, the puppies are born, 6 dogs and 2 bitches. The names of the dogs are Jake, Jagger, Judge, James, Joker and Jason and the bitches are Jixx and Jo-Lean of the Spring Cottage.


Jake, Jagger and James


Judge and Jason

Joker and Jixx

Jo Lean and Jixx and Jo Lean

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