Dash of the Spring Cottage

HD A, Elbows 0/0, Eyes: Clear (2013), Prcd-pra: Clear, Myopathy: Clear,  EIC: Clear


FTW Mulholland Skipper of Upperclaws

HD A, Elbows 0/0, Eyes: Clear (2013), Prcd-pra: Carrier, Myopathy: Clear


 For the pedigree of the pups:   CLICK HERE


13th November: The pups of  Dash of the Spring Cottage x  FTW "Mulholland Skipper of Upperclaws" are born. It is a big litter, 7 dogpups (4 black and 3 yellow) and 3 yellow bitch pups.


 Hummer, Harley, Harris, Henley, Hammer, Hennessy, Haggis, Holly, Heather en Hazel of the Spring Cottage

Dash is like her name, she is full of power and she works with passion and speed. The word "Power" stands for her. She is a very good gamefinder, never gives up and she takes cover like a spaniel. Still she has a good eye for you and doesn't loose you out of sight. Her heelwork is very natural and she is a very sweet and affectionate bitch around you. Because she is still quite young she only has some picking up experience, has been out with us on pigeons and ducks and she has two B-certificates on cold game. 

Skipper is a legend, only still alive! I know him from the several training days with Mike the last couple of years. I even took him out picking up when I didn't have enough dogs at a certain time. I never forget the first day when he immediatly made an unforgettable impression on the guns. After a pheasant was shot and disappeared in the high crop everyone thought that one was lost. Skipper was sent in the cover to see if he could make something of it. The fields were huge and I waited, waited and waited. Two of the guns felt a bit sorry for me and stayed with me because they thought I'd lost the dog. But after a quarter a little yellow spot appeared at the end of the fields and in his mouth he kept a big cock with a tiny hole in the wing. He got a big applause for that! Skipper is now 10 years old and I will only mention a couple of his awards. He has several KNJV A-certificates. He has won three Open Fieldtrials and gained several awards, is winner of Open Working Tests and Mike and Skipper were three times in the Winning Dutch IWT team (2006, 2008 and 2009). Besides that he was Topdog at the World Cup Highclere in England.  

Elly with Archie and Skipper at a shoot in Germany and Mike Mulch with Skipper

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