Badgerbeck Tarka

Tarkatale Twiglette at Badgerbeck

Storm of the Spring Cottage

Nettle of the Spring Cottage

Storm of the Spring Cottage (Finland)

Badgerbeck Nightshade "Tara" front cover CW


 The last 30 years we have always had terriers in the house. We cannot imagine life without them. At first it was our main breed and we spent many days at shows, where we won a lot with our dogs. We also worked with the dogs, but for now it are just our pets, who don't have to do anything but be nice and being around. At the moment we rather spend our days training our labradors and English Springers instead of digging for a terrier in the ground. But the love for the terriers never disappears and we will always keep them. We show them occasionally.

Some of our terriers we have owned....  

"Captain Miles of the Spring Cottage" en "Foxwhisper Tiger" en Border terrier "Badgerbeck Boomerang"

In July 2014 one of our Borders died at an old age. A couple of months before she died, we had just decided it was time to get a new one. We have had many terriers of Lisa Jenkins (Badgerbeck) and we asked Lisa to give us a nice one if she had one. So we got a little blue and tan dog called "Badgerbeck Phelan" which means "Brave as a wolve". It soon became Woolfie. 

Badgerbeck Spiceberry "Sox" and Badgerbeck Phelan "Woolfie", almost 17 years old and 17 months old. 


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Photo's by "Arienne Fotografie"


Woolfie is a nice little dog with a super character, no fighter and very smart. 


You never know how things go in life and we got the opportunity to buy a nice terrier from Christin Falke from Falke's Terriers in Germany. This time it is a bitch called Falke's Make me Smile, but we call her "Wizzy". She is actually a full Badgerbeck bitch as both her mother and father are bred by Lisa Jenkins from Badgerbeck Kennels. It is the blood we love most, beautiful and also proven working dogs. She has had the best start in life with Christin and Willy who bred this promising litter. We are grateful we are her new owners and enjoy having her around.

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Falke's Make me Smile "Wizzy" as a pup. 



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