The last 30 years we have always had terriers in the house. We cannot imagine life without them. At first it was our main breed and we spent many days at shows, where we won a lot with our dogs. We also worked with the dogs, but for now it are just our pets, who don't have to do anything but being around. We rather spend our days training our labradors and English Springers instead of digging for a terrier in the ground. But the love for the terriers never disappears and when one of them dies, we buy a new one. 

"Captain Miles of the Spring Cottage" en "Foxwhisper Tiger" en Border terrier "Badgerbeck Boomerang"

In July 2014 one of our Borders died at an old age. A couple of months before she died, we had just decided it was time to get a new one. We like a nice specimen of the breed and also one we can work with if necessary. We have had many terriers of Lisa Jenkins (Badgerbeck) and we asked Lisa to give us a nice one if she had one. So we got a little blue and tan dog called "Badgerbeck Phelan" which means "Brave as a wolve". It soon became Woolfie. 

He is a nice little dog with a super character, no fighter and very smart. 

This page is Woolfie's page. We will add his adventures, pictures and show results on this page. 

And also this is his pedigree. Click here.



Badgerbeck Phelan "Woolfie" 

Woolfie went to his first show and we decided to go to the Winner Show (2015)in Amsterdam. Elly showed him in the Intermediate class. He gained a 2nd place with qualification "Excellent". To be honest it was his third time on the lead but he behaved like he had never done anything else.


20 November 2016: Badgerbeck Phelan entered his second show in his life. We decided to go this time to the Champions Clubmatch of the Dutch Border Terrier Club. Badgerbeck Phelan "Woolfie" had to enter in the open class. The class was well represented as 11 dogs participated in the class. Woolfie ended at a splendid 2nd place with qualification Excellent. Very pleased with his second performance. 

18 Maart 2018: Woolfie is DNA tested CLEAR of SLEM! 

Badgerbeck Spiceberry "Sox" and Badgerbeck Phelan "Woolfie", almost 17 years old and 17 months old. 

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